How long does a thatch roof last in typical Southern Africa conditions:
The answer should be between 25 to 30 years. Because of the ridiculous quality that has been available in the market place in recent years, the general public’s conception is that a thatch roof only lasts between 6 to 10 years. This is unfortunately true for the work of most so called thatch experts.

What maintenance will I have on my roof?
The maintenance process on thatch is the most misunderstood concept in our industry. It can be considered as a necessary evil. The so called brushing/combing process works in two ways: 1. Re-compacting: this means pushing the grass back in the opposite direction it has moved over a period 2. By re-compacting the grass the brittle end points of the grass is broken off allowing for better water run-off but at the same time thinning the thatch. Our excellent compaction and thickness requires this process to be done only every 6 – 7 years. However, if the prospective thatch buyer has made the wrong appointment for their work, it can result in a maintenance nightmare!

No maintenance is required for the timber. All our timber is SABS C.C.A treated timber and is therefore fully treated against insect infestation and rotting.

Fiberglass ridging:
During the above-mentioned combing process, all fiberglass ridges are treated with fiberglass resin (not painted).

Why Cape Thatch Reed?
Cape Thatch Reed dramatically enhances the internal appearance of the roof. It is also dustĀ¬free compared to grass as a ceiling layer. An added advantage of Cape Reed is that it is much more difficult to catch fire than grass.

What about bird damage?
This is the single most common problem in South-Africa today. It is a fact that almost all so-called bird damage is in fact poor workmanship. Incorrect stitching under the ridge capping causes a weak area under the ridge, loose enough for a bird to carry it off. 99% of bird damage is poor workmanship and is supposed to be repaired under warranty’